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  • eurfi 15:49 on 2015-01-31 Permalink | Reply  

    January 2015 – networth and expenses 

    January was a very good month. I even was on track for below 2k expenses, but then a few big purchases (more below) took place. The networth dropped a little bit, but this due over 10k in taxes that I had to pay (related to the purchase of our house).

    • brokerage account 115.7k
    • mutual funds (sold 5k for taxes) 59.2k
    • cash 5.4k
    • alternative investments 30.4k
    • total 210.7k

    This is a drop of 1.9k (-0.9%) compared to last month. I’m very pleased with a gain of 8.5k in my brokerage account, also gold (alternative investments) rose nicely. The cash drain is due to the taxes I paid.

    Monthly expenses

    • January -2.5k (below!)

    In the last few days I spent 350 Euros for meat (gras-fed beef) and 120 Euros for storage boxes. At the beginning of the month I bought (used) Lego Duplo bricks (and train set) for my children for 90 Euros. Without that I would have made it below 2.0k!

    Groceries were almost at 700, a new all time high. One of my private goals for 2015 is trying Paleo diet. This means eating lots of vegetables and good meat (e. g. gras-fed beef). This will cost more than the typical food I was eating before. So this makes it harder to reach my financial goals (6 monthly expenses below 2.5k and 1 monthly expense below 2.0k). But for me it’s worth a try. And if I feel good with this diet, I might stick to it. Buying the beef in bulk is less expensive than piece by piece. The 350 Euros were for 25 kg – compared against the single prices this saves 100 Euros.

    (Monthly) goals for 2015

    • 1 of 6 months below 2.5k
    • 0 of 1 month below 2.0k
    • No More Waffles 16:53 on 2015-02-01 Permalink | Reply


      Dropping only €1.9 isn’t too bad considering that you had to pay a ton of taxes for your new home.

      Also, those Lego and Duplo train sets are awesome! 🙂



    • eurfi 23:20 on 2015-02-01 Permalink | Reply

      Yes, it was a very good month. During the month I even was on track to “neutralize” the taxes with investment gains, but volatility came back in the last few days and my written options lost me some money.

      Today we bought another set of Duplo (just bricks) and washed them together with one of my kids 😉


  • eurfi 15:05 on 2015-01-18 Permalink | Reply  

    Being excited – but no action? 

    When I discovered Early Retirment in July 2014 I was very excited. I’m still excited. But sometimes I think I didn’t do enough in 2014. Sometimes I think, I did nothing.

    I know that this is not true, because I started investing in dividend (growth) stocks and I also tried to spend less money. The latter was quite successful as my December expenses of below 2.000 Euros show.

    But do you remember my September and October expiration reports? Where is November and December? It’s not that I did not sell options. I did, but not that consequent as I wanted to. Because the October disaster freezed me and I had to regain some losses before wanting to continue.

    I also would like to save regularly in ETFs aka passive investing. But I didn’t do it so far. (This will come in 2015, promised.)

    So while it’s not true that I did nothing, I’m still not satisfied with my progress. I wonder why that is. The goal (Financial Independence) is clearly worth it, why is it going so slowly? Maybe because it’s too far away?

    • No More Waffles 16:14 on 2015-01-23 Permalink | Reply


      Maybe you should rethink your strategy if you feel that you’re not making steady progress towards your goal? Maybe options aren’t your thing? I think the ETFs are a great idea if you want to see how your net worth grows over time.



    • eurfi 20:55 on 2015-01-23 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks for your suggestion. Oh, yes, options are my thing! I do not only sell options on dividend stocks, I also do other options trades (with great pleasure, but mixed success).


  • eurfi 23:53 on 2015-01-09 Permalink | Reply  

    2014 – Yearly Expenses 

    2014 was a good year – a very good year. Because I heard about Early Retirement for the first time. It completely changed my mind. Well, not completely – I was saving before and not spending too much. But now I have a goal, and want to quit work as soon as possible (although it is at least a few years away).

    My grand plan is to reduce our expenses to 2.000 Euros per month and “earn” the same amount via dividends and option selling.

    2012, 2013 and 2014 in comparison

    I’m tracking my expenses (complete year) since 2012. I was doing it long before, but have some holes in between. But life changed quite a bit (marriage, kids), so since 2012 is fine.

    • 2012 – 42k
    • 2013 – 44k
    • 2014 – 33k

    My biggest expense is housing (22 %), followed by pensions (19 %), children (14 %), groceries (12 %), car (6 %) and insurances (5 %).

    As already stated, my ultimate goal is monthly expenses below 2.000 Euros. As a first step I aimed in 2014 to stay below 2.500 Euros. I achieved that in June, September, October and December. In December I even reached my ultimate goal (below 2k).

    Goals for 2015

    • Yearly expenses below 30.000 Euros (means on average 2.500 Euros per month).
    • 6 months with expenses below 2.500 Euros.
    • 1 month with expenses below 2.000 Euros.

    When I set these goals, I didn’t know I would reach the last one (1 month below 2k) already in December this year. I would count that as success for 2015 already. But nevertheless I will try to repeat it in 2015.

    I have not thought about dividend goals, yet. This will likely come at a later date.


  • eurfi 21:53 on 2015-01-02 Permalink | Reply  

    December 2014 – networth and expenses 

    A favorable tax return leads to a very positive month. I came close to the September value (after the disastrous October hit), but over 4k were still missing. I will create a separate yearly report, so this post only focuses on the monthly figures.

    • brokerage account 107,2k
    • mutual funds 63.1k
    • cash 13.2k
    • alternative investments 29.1k
    • total 212.6k

    This is a gain of 14.1k (+7.1%) over last month. And I’m glad, I’m back above the 200k level. Compared to my figure at the beginning of the year (180.3k) it’s +17.9%.

    I have summed up the gold coins and the “bonds” under alternative investments.

    Monthly expenses

    • January -2.7k
    • February -3.1k
    • March -3.0k
    • April -3.2k
    • May -3.8k
    • June -2.4k
    • July -2.6k
    • August -2.8k
    • September -2.4k
    • October -2.4k
    • November -2.9k
    • December -2.0k

    Wow, I easily hit my goal of below 2.5k expenses. I even hit (almost) my goal of below 2.0k expenses. I was just 8 Euros above it!

    June, September, December – the end of the quarter seems to be a good month without “special” (or yearly) expenses. There was just a payment for the pension, but I spread this over all months, so it’s already included in the monthly figures.

    The most savings (compared to last months) were housing, groceries and children. The big outlier were presents (of course – christmas).

    Last month I spoke about cancelling some insurance policies. Turns out this will be even harder than I thought – and we got one more! It’s about 400 – 500 Euros yearly. Wish me luck that I can convince my wife to cancel at least one.


    Update: I made a mistake (booked 20 Euros too much). I’m actually below 2.0k expenses. Wow!

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