Being excited – but no action?

When I discovered Early Retirment in July 2014 I was very excited. I’m still excited. But sometimes I think I didn’t do enough in 2014. Sometimes I think, I did nothing.

I know that this is not true, because I started investing in dividend (growth) stocks and I also tried to spend less money. The latter was quite successful as my December expenses of below 2.000 Euros show.

But do you remember my September and October expiration reports? Where is November and December? It’s not that I did not sell options. I did, but not that consequent as I wanted to. Because the October disaster freezed me and I had to regain some losses before wanting to continue.

I also would like to save regularly in ETFs aka passive investing. But I didn’t do it so far. (This will come in 2015, promised.)

So while it’s not true that I did nothing, I’m still not satisfied with my progress. I wonder why that is. The goal (Financial Independence) is clearly worth it, why is it going so slowly? Maybe because it’s too far away?