January 2015 – networth and expenses

January was a very good month. I even was on track for below 2k expenses, but then a few big purchases (more below) took place. The networth dropped a little bit, but this due over 10k in taxes that I had to pay (related to the purchase of our house).

  • brokerage account 115.7k
  • mutual funds (sold 5k for taxes) 59.2k
  • cash 5.4k
  • alternative investments 30.4k
  • total 210.7k

This is a drop of 1.9k (-0.9%) compared to last month. I’m very pleased with a gain of 8.5k in my brokerage account, also gold (alternative investments) rose nicely. The cash drain is due to the taxes I paid.

Monthly expenses

  • January -2.5k (below!)

In the last few days I spent 350 Euros for meat (gras-fed beef) and 120 Euros for storage boxes. At the beginning of the month I bought (used) Lego Duplo bricks (and train set) for my children for 90 Euros. Without that I would have made it below 2.0k!

Groceries were almost at 700, a new all time high. One of my private goals for 2015 is trying Paleo diet. This means eating lots of vegetables and good meat (e. g. gras-fed beef). This will cost more than the typical food I was eating before. So this makes it harder to reach my financial goals (6 monthly expenses below 2.5k and 1 monthly expense below 2.0k). But for me it’s worth a try. And if I feel good with this diet, I might stick to it. Buying the beef in bulk is less expensive than piece by piece. The 350 Euros were for 25 kg – compared against the single prices this saves 100 Euros.

(Monthly) goals for 2015

  • 1 of 6 months below 2.5k
  • 0 of 1 month below 2.0k