March 2015 – networth and expenses

March was a very good month, but not spending wise. Wait, didn’t I write the same thing last month? I did. But it is still true.

  • brokerage account 131.1k
  • mutual funds 61.2k
  • cash 7.3k
  • alternative investments 30.2k
  • total 229.8k

This is a spectacular (at least for me) gain of 10.4k (+4.7%) compared to last month and +8.1% compared to the end of last year. Almost all gains come from my brokerage account. And if I wouldn’t have made some mistakes, the amount could have been even higher. But I won’t complain. 😉

Monthly expenses

  • January 2.5k
  • February 2.7k
  • March 2.7k

The expenses look similar to February, but the difference is almost 100 Euros (85 to be exact). February was rounded down and March was rounded up. Unusual expenses in March were 200 Euros for clothes (outlet store), 150 Euros for a new smart phone (Motorola G) and 110 Euros for IKEA stuff.

(Monthly) goals for 2015

I have set a goal of staying 6 months below 2.5k expenses (and one month even below 2.0k). Having missed the first three months of the year (okay, I missed two), I have now realised I won’t achieve this goal. Our costs are rising in June (by about 300 Euros; children related). This also means the yearly goal of 30k expenses will be impossible (because 30k/12 = 2.5k). I now try to stay below last year’s number of 32.9k. The last twelve months add up to 32.3k (because the first three months of 2014 were more expensive than 2015). But this will get tougher in the second part of the year.

Update: In the first version of this post I had an higher account balance for my brokerage account (132.5k), which was wrong.