The expenses – they are rising…

The new month is just seven days old (just a week), but our expenses for April are already nearing 2.000 Euros. April won’t be the month were I reach any of my monthly goals (below 2.5k or below 2.0k). We spent 330 Euros for new lamps (we had just lamp sockets before), there was an insurance bill over 200 Euros and I bought meat for over 100 Euros. And there is some time left 😉

We might buy some furniture for our kids rooms, some garden stuff and there are more lamp sockets in the house. But all of these are one-time expenses. So, while I don’t like them, they are not as bad as recurring expenses (ok, the insurance bill is recurring).

I already revised the yearly goal of below 30k expenses to stay below last year’s 33k. The current spending is already at 11.5k (since 1/1/15). So if we stay for 2015 below 36k (which average to 3k per month) I will be satisfied. There are just too many expenses coming.