First steps of my 9 to 5 escape plan

A few weeks ago I posted about my wish to escape 9 to 5. The cruical part was to generate a net income of 1.5k Euros per month. I’m on track to make this amount on the stock market this year. But I didn’t all the years before, so it would be very risky to rely on this.

Instead I want to build a lifestyle business. It will be a software project. I already started writing it, but it will be a long way to go. At the moment the biggest challenge is finding the time (or energy) to work on it. I can only start when the kids are in bed, which is usually around 8 pm. So in the best case I have about 3 hours every day. In reality it feels more like 10 hours a week. I will track the time spent and report from time to time.