My benefit of blogging/book-keeping

I wrote about saving money by procrastinating. Now I realised, that I keep off expenses by counting my monthly and yearly expenses. Maybe it is because of the yearly goals. Maybe this is also a benefit of blogging.

I my concrete example I would like to replace my old NAS (computer stuff, if you don’t know what it is) with a newer, but smaller version. Two hard disk slots are enough and it would cost around 156 Euros for the new NAS and 2x 260 Euros for the hard disks (6 TB). So maybe 680 Euros with shipping. My current capacity is 4 TB, so this is 50% more. And also power consumption would be much less (which saves some Euros each year).

But I constantly push the purchase away, because it would lead to a very expensive month (and I would like to stay below 2014’s expenses). Maybe I just buy a 8 TB Seagate Archive hard disk for 240 Euros instead.