May 2015 – networth and expenses

May was a solid month for the networth, but not for the expenses. This seems to be a pattern for 2015, I remember writing a similar sentence already a few times. The overall gain was 5.9k (+2.64%). I adjusted my book keeping for taxes, so that the numbers do not directly compare.

  • brokerage accounts 171.6k (+6.0k)
  • mutual funds 25.7k (-0.1k)
  • cash 9.9k (+1.0k)
  • alternative investments 30.3k (+0.5k)
  • taxes -7.7k
  • total 229.8k (+5.9k)

Last month the total was 230.1k, but without any taxes. Also my stated goal of 250k at the end of the year is a bit harder now, because of the taxes. But this is a more realistic view.

Monthly expenses

  • January 2.5k
  • February 2.7k
  • March 2.7k
  • April 3.2k
  • May 3.5k

May was the most expensive month of the year so far (and hopefully this will stay the most expensive month). But it was still cheaper than 2014. We were on vacation, which cost us around 600 Euros. We were also on vacation in May 2014 (which was a little bit more expensive, but still reasonable). Also, I bought some extra stuff (like a hard drive). Without all of this the month would be very close to 2.5k (which was my goal for 2015).

In June I will be doing some extra tracking. Next to each expense item I will note the amount of non-essential spending. An example would be ice cream or some insurance policies. Let’s see how little is necessary…

Also, regarding my escape 9 to 5 project, I could work over 10 hours last week on it (11 so far). I will report the time spent once a month, although I measure them weekly. But I feel a weekly post is too much.