Half time report for my June project (non-essential expenses)

For June I have a special project where I track all non-essential expenses. The goal is to find out, how low our expenses could be (without compromising life style much).

The month is halfway through, so let’s look at the current numbers: So far we have spent roughly 1.8k Euros this month, including 760 Euros non-essential expenses. The majority of non-essential expenses are insurance premiums and pension payments (comparable to 401k). Actual spending (like going out) is just 40 Euros.

On the one hand I was surprised about 700 Euros in the first few days, on the other hand I’m kind of disappointed, that we only “wasted” 40 Euros. I had expected this second number to be higher. I guess that means we can only really save by terminating non-essential insurance contracts (which I would really like to, but my wife is against).

Maybe there is hope: When I told my wife about this project, she liked the idea and even suggested to also do it in July. Gosh, we would easily get below 2.0k most months if we get rid of 700 Euros every month.