June 2015 – net worth and expenses

June is over. Lets start with the good side: the expenses were very good with only 2.6k. But our net worth took an almost 5% hit. The recent up move followed by a sharp decline on Monday was really painful to my options positions. Compared to the end of last month I lost about 17.3k. In the net worth calculation the loss is not that big, because I now get some tax money back (at least virtually). I had another bad month last year in October. This time I’m feeling better.

  • brokerage accounts 179.3k (+7.7k)
  • mutual funds 0 (-25.7k)
  • cash 12.7k (+2.8k)
  • alternative investments 30.1k (-0.2k)
  • taxes -3.2k
  • total 218.9k (-10.9k)

The gain in the brokerage accounts is misleading. I sold all mutual funds and put 25k into my brokerage account. The next step is to open a new account and start investing in ETFs.

Monthly expenses

  • January 2.5k
  • February 2.7k
  • March 2.7k
  • April 3.2k
  • May 3.5k
  • June 2.6k

Expenses were really good (means: low). Nothing extra ordinary this month. We had some higher than usual expenses for petrol. Also, in a few days I will be posting a summary for my June project – non-essential expenses. I can reveal here, that the amount will be around 800 Euros, which is not that much different from my figure after the first few days.


Side note: I changed something (really just a minor thing) compared to all other net worth reports. Did you notice it?