September 2015 – net worth and expenses

As always I was looking forward to the end of the month to finalise our net worth calculation. And it was a fine month!

  • brokerage accounts 213.0k (+12.1k)
  • etfs 1.8k (+0.6k)
  • cash 15.5k (+1.3k)
  • alternative investments 32.4k (-0.2k)
  • taxes -12.1k
  • total 250.6k (+10.6k)

Yes, another 10k month! While my brokerage accounts are not yet over the July 2015 level, the net worth is. This is our savings power.

Monthly expenses

  • January 2.5k
  • February 2.7k
  • March 2.7k
  • April 3.2k
  • May 3.5k
  • June 2.6k
  • July 2.9k
  • August 2.6k
  • September 3.1k

Unfortunately September was one of the more expensive months. We had some extra expenses like over 400 Euros for a new freezer (I guess that counts as a Paleo related expense – to store all the grass-fed meat) and some clothing (wife and kids). And October will be similar – we have a vacation coming. We are on track for yearly spending of 34k. That is only slightly more than last year (32.9k). I’m very happy about this modest raise. Initially I was aiming for a reduction to 30k, but that was not realistic.

There is another huge news: My wife finally accepted to cut some insurance expenses. If you are a regular reader of my monthly reports, you will know that I would like to cut a lot of unnecessary insurance expenses, but my wife wants to keep everything. This month we terminated two contracts and reduced one and save about 600 Euros every year. Plus, next year we likely terminate another one, which will bring the total savings to almost 1.000 Euros. Strike!