December 2015 – net worth and expenses

December was a good month – but it could have been better if I hadn’t made a costly mistake in the financial markets. I wanted to reach an internal net worth goal and so I stayed in a position longer than needed. In the end I closed it for a big loss. I’m glad the month turned out green.

  • brokerage accounts 242.7k (-0.7k)
  • ETFs 3.7k (+0.4k)
  • cash 23.6k (-8.5k)
  • alternative investments 44.3k (+11.5k)
  • taxes -22.5k
  • total 291.8k (+2.9k)

I transfered roughly 12k to alternative investments (and 600 Euros each month to ETFs), so basically all investments were slightly down in December. The only increase comes from our savings (which were higher than usual due to year end bonus and money gifts).

Monthly expenses

  • January 2.5k
  • February 2.7k
  • March 2.7k
  • April 3.2k
  • May 3.5k
  • June 2.6k
  • July 2.9k
  • August 2.6k
  • September 3.1k
  • October 3.6k
  • November 3.3k
  • December 2.9k

This brings our yearly expenses to 35.5k, which is below my revised goal of 36k. But I will talk about the yearly figures in another post.