9 to 5 status – new version released

Two weeks ago I talked about my new-found momentum for my software project. I did continue working on it (in the little time that is left between job, family and house). I spent a lot of time with updating one technical component of the software. This was unfortunate, but I’m happy with the result. There are also visual changes.

A few minutes ago I released the new version to my server. For exactly one user (my alpha tester). Next week I will try to increase my list of testers. I already have a few names in mind. Before I can email them, I have to polish the web site a bit (arrange downloads in a protected folder). Goal: 5 alpha testers by March 20th.

I wanted to track my time spent, but this didn’t work so well. Maybe it doesn’t matter if I know how many hours I spent. The time is gone no matter what (even if I would just be watching TV).