June 2016 – net worth and expenses

June was similar to May. Both months showed a nice gain.

  • brokerage accounts 282.1k (+9.8k)
  • ETFs 6.9k (+0.3k)
  • cash 20.7k (+1.4k)
  • alternative investments 33.1k (+0.5k)
  • taxes -27.7k
  • total 315.1k (+9.4k) [+3.1%]

Monthly Expenses

  • January 2.8k
  • February 2.6k
  • March 3.4k
  • April 3.7k
  • May 3.3k
  • June 3.2k

Our shopping spree continued, this month in cloths. On the way back from our vacation we stopped at an outlet mall. We spent around 400 Euros. Full retail price was over 900 Euros.

Escape 9 to 5

I have completely lost my momentum and did only very little in the past two months. Also, my posting frequency dropped to the bare minimum – one net worth post per month. There might come a second article in July as I have something to talk about…