Goals 2016 – half year report

After three months things looked great. All goals seemed achievable, I even added another goal (3 nights outdoors with my oldest kid). What a difference three months can make!

Let’s recap my goals:

  • Yearly expenses below 36.000 Euros (average of 3.000 Euros per month).
  • Change in work situation.
  • 100 Euro per month side hustle (project Escape 9 to 5) in December 2016.
  • 24 blog posts (average of 2 per month).
  • Spend 3 nights outdoors with my oldest kid.

Our monthly expenses have been way above 3.000 Euros per month over the last three months. Right now, our yearly expenses point to 37.6k.

I still work 3 days a week, but so far I did not use my free days fully to my advantage.

This leads to my next goal (my side hustle). I completely lost my momentum. The number of users increased nicely, but still on a small scale. I have over 30 users now, but only a handful of them are using it regularly.

Also, my number of posts (usually 2 per month) slowed down. So what once looked easy is now also behind schedule. But from all the goals this is the least important one.

I still have not spent a single night outdoors. Even camping in our back yard would count – but I just haven’t done it.


But not all is lost, our net worth progressed nicely. And, from this low point things only can improve. 😀