July 2016 – net worth and expenses

This month would have been slightly negative. But I decided to pull an accounting trick and am now slightly positive.

So far I did not track our IKEA and Amazon voucher balances. The Amazon one is from this month, but the IKEA balance is from December 2014. So I adjusted all prior months in my spread sheet (but not on the web site). Last months net worth goes from 315.1k to 316k.

  • brokerage accounts 279.7k (-2.4k)
  • ETFs 7.9k (+1.0k)
  • cash 24.8k (+3.2k)
  • alternative investments 30.9k (-2.2k)
  • taxes -27.0k
  • total 316.3k (+0.3k) [+0.1%]

I sold some of our alternative investments (very illiquid). Rising stock prices were a pain to my complex option positions. Each share holder smiles, and I can not sleep. This lead to my renewed interest in a dividend portfolio.

Monthly Expenses

  • January 2.8k
  • February 2.6k
  • March 3.4k
  • April 3.7k
  • May 3.3k
  • June 3.2k
  • July 2.9k

Finally a month below 3k! Let’s repeat it in August.

Camper Van Savings Account

  • July 2.2k (monthly savings 37 Euros)

The idea behind our Camper Van Savings Account is explained here. If all goes well, the monthly savings for August will have 3 digits. These are regular monthly expenses that we cut. My primary goal for this savings account is to reduce our monthly expenses. We are earlier free if we have a smaller footprint.