September 2016 – net worth and expenses

September was a solid month.

  • brokerage accounts 286.7k (+6.1k)
  • ETFs 9.3k (+0.6k)
  • cash 46.1k (-13.6k)
  • alternative investments 34.9k (+15.0k)
  • taxes -28.9k
  • total 348.1k (+6.5k) [+1.9%]

I have an aggressive goal for the next three years (more on this further below) and the year end figure for 2016 is 360k. As of today only 12k are missing. I expect half of it (2k each month) to come from savings. The other half has to come from the stock market.

Monthly Expenses

  • January 2.8k
  • February 2.6k
  • March 3.4k
  • April 3.7k
  • May 3.3k
  • June 3.2k
  • July 2.9k
  • August 2.6k
  • September 2.9k

September seems average, but there are vacation costs (700 Euros) and clothes included (300 Euros). So it actually was a very inexpensive month. My goal for yearly expenses is to stay below 36k. At the moment we are running at 37.4k.

Camper Van Savings Account

  • July 2.2k (monthly savings 37 Euros)
  • August 2.6k (monthly savings 165 Euros)
  • September 3.0k (monthly savings 165 Euros)

No changes for the monthly savings (and also no changes expected for the rest of the year).

FI Date / Aggressive Goal

My Excel sheet (which is based on increasing the yearly gain by 10k each year) projects us at 600k at the end of 2020. With the 4 % rule we can then withdraw 2k each month, which should cover our (then reduced) expenses. My new goal is to reach this point in June 2020. 360k in 2016, 420k in 2017, 490k in 2018, 570k in 2019 and finally 600k in spring/summer 2020. I will try to reach it in 2019, but 2020 is more realistic. To achieve this, I have to make (on average) between 4k per month in 2017 and 6k in 2019 in the stock market. At the moment I do not know how to achieve this. I have to spend more time learning and researching, that is for sure!