October 2016 – net worth and expenses

October was – for the most part – very quiet on the financial markets. My trades did well. Only in the last few days I had to give back some gains. Overall I’m a big step closer to my year-end goal of 360k.

  • brokerage accounts 291.7k (+5.0k)
  • ETFs 10.0k (+0.7k)
  • cash 46.9k (+0.8k)
  • alternative investments 35.3k (+0.4k)
  • taxes -30.2k
  • total 353.7k (+5.6k) [+1.6%]

Monthly Expenses

  • January 2.8k
  • February 2.6k
  • March 3.4k
  • April 3.7k
  • May 3.3k
  • June 3.2k
  • July 2.9k
  • August 2.6k
  • September 2.9k
  • October 2.7k

I’m very pleased with our low expenses (we spent almost 400 Euros on used Lego). Our running total for the year is 36.6k – we can achieve 36k for the year (November last year was 3.3k – above average).

Camper Van Savings Account

  • July 2.2k (monthly savings 37 Euros)
  • August 2.6k (monthly savings 165 Euros)
  • September 3.0k (monthly savings 165 Euros)
  • October 3.2k (monthly savings 165 Euros)

Our monthly savings will decrease from November on, because we bring back a saved expense (sports club membership for our oldest kid). At least it will be a little bit less than last time.

As this section is a bit boring, I will leave it out from next month on. I will only mention it, if something remarkable happens.