February 2017 – Options Income

January was a very good month. In February I let it slide. I did not follow my own rules and was under-invested. So the result is also lower than usual.

Far OTM option selling (MTM)

  • January: 1.9k
  • February: 0.5k

Far OTM option selling (closed trades)

  • January: 1.6k
  • February: 0.8k

In March I will report about a second account, where I trade a similar put selling strategy. The starting balance is 20k. All numbers are in US Dollar.

Like I said above, I did not follow my own rules in February. I did not open new trades as soon as old trades expired (thought the market is too high, IV too low). And there even was a period of 10 days where my account was empty! In my backtests I reopen on the same day of the exit. I even tested waiting one day – it results in less total profits. But still, in real life I think I’m more clever. This is an area I’m working on.