April 2017 – Options Income

April was a very good month for my put selling strategies. Unfortunately, the weaker Dollar reduced my profits from 1.900 Dollars to just 400 Euros.

Far OTM option selling (MTM)

  • January: +1.9k
  • February: +0.5k
  • March: +0.9k
  • April: +1.1k

Far OTM option selling (closed trades)

  • January: +1.6k
  • February: +0.8k
  • March: +0.4k
  • April: +1.5k

Second account (MTM)

  • March: +0.3k
  • April: +0.8k

Second account (closed trades)

  • April: +1.1k

The relief rally after the french election was very positive for my put selling strategies. Unfortunately, my main accounts suffered from the strong up move. Even the stocks I have (mostly REITs) could not profit.

The challenge now is to (quickly) fill the inventory to be able to earn money in May. Yesterday I opened a first position and intent to open at least two more next week.