April 2017 – Net Worth and Expenses

April was looking quite good in the latter half of the month, but the strong rally after the French election was not good for my (slightly bearish) option positions. My stocks – mostly REITs – did not participate in the rally, instead they lost as well.

  • brokerage accounts 298.3k (-4.5k)
  • ETFs 15.1k (+0.9k)
  • cash 6.8k (-12.9k)
  • alternative investments 65.7k (+20.1k)
  • taxes -0.2k
  • total 385.7k (+3.4k) [+0.9%]

I moved some money around, so the brokerage accounts actually show a small gain (about 0.5k). Also, the huge increase in alternative investments is by investing new stuff, not actual gains. I’m currently getting around 300 Euros each month out of it (before taxes).

Monthly Expenses

  • January 5.2k
  • February 2.5k
  • March 2.5k
  • April 3.3k

April looks expensive, but there is 1.1k for our first cruise included.