June 2017 – Net Worth and Expenses 

Last month I lamented about the weak Dollar. I can repeat that for June, but this time there is still a nice gain left.

  • brokerage accounts 297.3k (+4.4k)
  • ETFs 16.6k (+0.5k)
  • cash 10.3k (+0.9k)
  • alternative investments 65.7k (-0.1k)
  • taxes 2.2k
  • total 392.1k (+6.6k) [+1.71%]

In the first half of the year I achieved a 26.4k gain. Projected to end of 2017 this would mean a net worth of 418.5k. I’m not satisfied with my investment returns so far, let’s try to beat this number.

Monthly Expenses

  • January 5.2k
  • February 2.5k
  • March 2.5k
  • April 3.3k
  • May 3.1k
  • June 2.1k

June seems to be a cheap month for us in general. I like that.