July 2017 – Net Worth and Expenses

It sounds like a broken record: the weak Dollar reduced my gains.

  • brokerage accounts 292.8k (-4.5k)
  • ETFs 17.0k (+0.4k)
  • cash 14.8k (+4.5k)
  • alternative investments 64.2k (-1.5k)
  • taxes 3.4k
  • total 392.2k (+0.1k) [+0.03%]

So, it is barely a profit. My Put Selling is working great, but my other trades not.

Monthly Expenses

  • January 5.2k
  • February 2.5k
  • March 2.5k
  • April 3.3k
  • May 3.1k
  • June 2.1k
  • July 2.3k

At least the expenses were low. The second half of the year should be cheaper than the first half. January is by far our most expensive month.