August 2017 – Net Worth and Expenses

May (-200) and July (+100) were two months with no progress. I’m glad that August shows a healthy gain of almost 1 %. The only sad thing: My stock market activity did not contribute to that.

  • brokerage accounts 292.3k (-0.5k)
  • ETFs 17.7k (+0.7k)
  • cash 20.3k (+5.5k)
  • alternative investments 62.2k (-2.0k)
  • taxes 3.5k
  • total 396.0k (+3.8k) [+0.97%]

Monthly Expenses

  • January 5.2k
  • February 2.5k
  • March 2.5k
  • April 3.3k
  • May 3.1k
  • June 2.1k
  • July 2.3k
  • August 2.1k

August was the cheapest month so far (a few Euros below June). An yearly total of 33k seems achievable.