Blog paused until end of 2017

The (few) regular readers might have noticed that I only post the monthly net worth and options income report. All other types of postings stopped a few months ago.

I thought about stopping this blog, but then decided to keep the monthly reports. I was not sure if I would stop the accounting for myself, so I still reported my numbers on the blog.

Now I’m pausing all blogging. I will re-evaluate at the end of the year whether I will continue with the monthly posts (e. g. if my accounting slips), reduce the frequency of my number reports or if I maybe stop blogging completely.

My main reason is my lack of (free) time. Kids, an house and (multiple) jobs leave too little time for myself. While I enjoy writing my numbers down and seeing some visitors and even getting a few comments, the time is ultimately better spend on other ventures. My ultimate goal is freedom (from a day job) and so (paid) work is bringing me closer to this than blogging.

I will not stop my journey. I’m on a very good way and end of 2022 should be the latest date where I reach my goal. If all goes well it could also be end of 2020.