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  • eurfi 22:52 on 2018-01-18 Permalink | Reply  

    Spending Summer Break with my Kids 

    I have worked part time before, but returned to full time work (I called this my sprint to the finish line). Working every day and seeing the kids only for a few hours (on some days maybe only minutes, not hours) has its price.

    So in looking for new ways I decided to take one month off of work each year and spend it with my kids (and my wife, if she can join). For 2018 we are planning a road trip through Europe. Later years we might just do shorter trips in our home country or even fly to the US.

    In 2016 we almost bought a camper van. Of course I still have this wish (and will probably buy it, once retired). And for our road trip this year I was checking prices again. But no matter how I calculate, it is still a few thousand Euros more per year than our current car. Let’s say it is 5,000 Euros more per year. Now, how many nights are we realistically sleeping in the car? Maybe 50? This would be 100 Euro per night – you can get an Airbnb almost anywhere for this price.

    So, maybe the camper van would add more stress to our life (having to “use” it). And “more stress” is the least desired thing I would want…

    • Finanancial Independence 19:30 on 2018-03-10 Permalink | Reply

      Hello EurFi,
      there is a hidden gem in having camper van, which is missing from the calculations. You do not need to buy air tickets. For example hotel in Mexico costs same (100 eur a night) but having a camper van means that you do not need to buy tickets to Mexico (or even Spain) and this is additional 600-700 to 200 EUR per head per holiday.
      Hope you will revert to the blogging soon but I am equally curious when you will start you financial independence life for real.


      • eurfi 22:05 on 2018-08-17 Permalink | Reply

        Yes. Now that we have one, I also think that this calculation is wrong. I might correct it in a new post.
        Having sold my old car I now know the real loss (around 3k per year). The camper van will loose propably less than 4k each year – very similar to the normal car. Insurance is quite cheap. Only the fuel consumption is much higher (around 50 % more). So the difference is maybe only 2k (not 5k).
        And you are right, the vacation itself is cheaper than hotel rooms. For our summer trip I initially planned to use AirBnb. Each night is around 50 Euros (or more). Some nights we paid nothing or 10 Euros for a RV place. Camping places did cost between 14 and 54 Euros (the coast is very expensive).

        With my recent move to working longer my situation is now comparable to yours. It solves a few other “problems” as well – mainly the social aspect (“what is he doing?”)


  • eurfi 21:57 on 2018-01-06 Permalink | Reply  

    Happy New Year 

    In September I announced a break from blogging.  And I really did not look into the blog (I’m proud about that). As always, only during the first weeks I was tempted. Later I did no longer think about it. I also read fewer personal finance blogs (I unsubscribed a few in my RSS reader).

    During the months I continued my book keeping. I will no longer publish my numbers regularly – what’s the point of it? My savings rate for 2017 was over 50 % (and between 38 and 41 % in 2014 till 2016). The yearly expenses were quite stable (between 33k and 35k in 2014 till 2017). So the increase in savings rate came from higher income. I was working full time the whole year (and part time in 2015 and 2016).

    I have read a few times about the stages of FI. Most of the blog posts have a high number of beginning stages, but later is a huge gap before reaching FI. With a net worth of around 425k I’m more than halfway there. There is no longer the question if I reach FI, it is more when. And even if I do not generate extra returns from the stock market, the monthly surplus from our working income will get us there. Plus, my wife does not want to stop working, and we could almost live from her income (and my side job). But as I earn way more than her, it is not so easy to quit (she feels more secure with both incomes).

    In the last few months I started listening to two podcasts:

    The future of this blog

    I will stop my monthly net worth reports (and also the options reports). But I will blog from time to time. Whenever I feel like it. Be it only once every few months, or a few times a month. I have some thoughts about the future (and my kids) that I would like to share. Also, “Second Generation FI” (as coined by Choose FI) is very interesting to me.


    • Financial Independence 0:26 on 2018-01-11 Permalink | Reply

      Hi EurFi,

      Happy New year. Indeed, the blogging could be quite time consuming and not always rewarding (financially wise),
      as income goes up and down.
      I found rewarding to publish my financial performance, as it attracts more interest and keeps me honest about actual performance.
      It is very easy (for me) to sweep bad results under the carpet and pretend it never happen.

      50% savings rate is beyond believe. You are the champion! Taking into account very high income taxes in the NL you are doing amazing! I think there is a lot of blogs out there which publish somewhat unbelievable or unrealistic numbers. Yours was a breath of fresh air.

      In a way we all reach FI, some of us do it at retirement age ;-).

      Thank you for the recommendations. I do like podcasts and big fan of audiobooks, but I also read much faster that listen words.


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