Spending Summer Break with my Kids

I have worked part time before, but returned to full time work (I called this my sprint to the finish line). Working every day and seeing the kids only for a few hours (on some days maybe only minutes, not hours) has its price.

So in looking for new ways I decided to take one month off of work each year and spend it with my kids (and my wife, if she can join). For 2018 we are planning a road trip through Europe. Later years we might just do shorter trips in our home country or even fly to the US.

In 2016 we almost bought a camper van. Of course I still have this wish (and will probably buy it, once retired). And for our road trip this year I was checking prices again. But no matter how I calculate, it is still a few thousand Euros more per year than our current car. Let’s say it is 5,000 Euros more per year. Now, how many nights are we realistically sleeping in the car? Maybe 50? This would be 100 Euro per night – you can get an Airbnb almost anywhere for this price.

So, maybe the camper van would add more stress to our life (having to “use” it). And “more stress” is the least desired thing I would want…