How Loosing 100k changed my Life

Well, the 100k are not entirely true, but it sounded so nice…

In February I lost 60k (compared to January). One of my options accounts was completely eliminated by the rising volatility in early February.

This made me think.

So far I was in a “sprint to the finish line”. Now I saw that the markets are clearly not an one-way street. And living off from my investment income might be more problematic than I thought.

After a few iterations I will now probably work longer (more years) than I initially hoped. And now I’m looking for ways to make these years more pleasureable.

Long story short: We bought a camper van! (That is the remaining 40k “loss”.)

We already spent a month (summer break) with our kids in it. We like it very much! Before we bought it, we did a test run with a rented car (for a week). That was in May.

I could sell the house and only live in the van, but of course my wife and children have a different opinion. 🙂