Falling Victim to the Diderot Effect

After buying our camper van I felt victim to the Diderot effect. The new car “needed” lots of small electronics (power plugs, converters, 4G router, …), kitchen stuff and sleeping textiles (pillows, blankets).

And with AliExpress I found a fountain of ideas to purchase (if only it wouldn’t take so long to deliver).

Of course, all these expenses are a danger to my goal of FIRE. But after loosing so much money I’m more relaxed in this regard. I want to enjoy life more now and not just in FIRE.

My goal for our yearly expenses (the car itself not included) is below 36k. The running total (for the trailing 12 months) so far is rising (May till August were expensive months) and around 35.5k already. It is still possible, but not really looking good.