October Update 

Options Trading

I do active investing. I’m mostly selling options. Some structures are far away from current prices, while others are more current.

In February 2018 I lost a complete account, because I had too much far away positions in it. Two other accounts survived it just fine.

In October 2018 there was a similar (but much smaller) situation. This time I had no positions on, that where near current prices (we option traders call that ATM – at the money). My two accounts with the far away positions did suffer, but they are still fine.

For almost all of my option trading friends the October situation brought sizeable losses and a lot of them did realise some losses. As I had nothing on, it was not stressful at all to me.

Camper Van (and Kids)

We are still enjoying the camper van and used it several times already (weekends). My kids like it. It is like a second flat. I could sell the big house and live in a much smaller flat and enjoy the freedom. But, of course, it will never happen. My wife likes to live bigger and of course every kid “needs” to have his own room!

Years ago I was in a museum, where older people were talking about their childhood. Back then it was normal, that two kids would sleep in one bed. An own room was not even talked about. I sometimes joke kids do not need an own room – they like to sleep in the parents bed and play in the living room. (I’m sure, this changes at some time, but I still have to experience that change.)

Working Time

I’m working full time for almost two years now. It was part of my “sprint to the finish line”. Which I’m no longer convinced about (see the last posts). So I’m thinking again about reducing my hours. I find it hard to give up the extra money. You never know what the future brings and it might never be as easy as it is now.