Increasing Expenses

Lately I’m thinking about increasing our expenses. I consider spending more on food. In my mind organic foods costs roughly 3 times the “normal” price (the difference is smaller for some categories, but even higher for others – meat).

But for health reasons I would like to spend more. It doesn’t have to be (always) organic, I would rather prefer smaller producers near us. We live in a region where this is possible.

Our yearly expenses are on track for 36k. It is certainly higher than the last years, but in line (from 2014: 33k, 34k, 35k, 34k). I guess most of the increase is coming from our car. I do not include the initial price of the car here.

Our monthly food spending (groceries) is around 400 Euros. I guess this might increase to 700 Euros (which is around 4k a year).

November will be the first month where we spend more, let’s see how it feels…