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  • eurfi 23:35 on 2016-03-06 Permalink | Reply  

    9 to 5 status – new version released 

    Two weeks ago I talked about my new-found momentum for my software project. I did continue working on it (in the little time that is left between job, family and house). I spent a lot of time with updating one technical component of the software. This was unfortunate, but I’m happy with the result. There are also visual changes.

    A few minutes ago I released the new version to my server. For exactly one user (my alpha tester). Next week I will try to increase my list of testers. I already have a few names in mind. Before I can email them, I have to polish the web site a bit (arrange downloads in a protected folder). Goal: 5 alpha testers by March 20th.

    I wanted to track my time spent, but this didn’t work so well. Maybe it doesn’t matter if I know how many hours I spent. The time is gone no matter what (even if I would just be watching TV).

    • spaarolifantje 10:13 on 2016-03-07 Permalink | Reply

      What kind of software is it?


      • eurfi 11:46 on 2016-03-08 Permalink | Reply

        Sorry, I do not talk about the details to protect my anonymity.
        It is a tool for a very narrow group of individuals. I plan on improving it to make it useful to a broader group of people. But it will always be a small niche.


    • eurfi 22:15 on 2016-03-20 Permalink | Reply

      Update: Today is March 20th – I’m at three testers. I was sick for a whole week and couldn’t do anything. But I have two recommendations. I will email them after I fixed a few bugs that my other testers have reported.


  • eurfi 1:30 on 2016-02-22 Permalink | Reply  

    9 to 5 status – starting to build momentum 

    My last 9 to 5 status report is from June 2015. Not a lot has happened since then.

    But in the last few weeks I started programming again. My project Escape 9 to 5 is a SaaS app (software as a Service) which I will develop and later sell to customers (for a monthly fee). Last year I completed a preview version to test technical feasibility. There were some users with problems, but overall I think this is the right way to go.

    Now I’m slowly building the proper version. I start with a subset of features and will later turn it into the full product. I hope to have some paying users already by the end of 2016. I set a yearly goal of 100 Euros in monthly income. If I can achieve this it will be a fantastic start to escape my day job.

    Each evening I have around 2 – 3 hours (when the kids are in bed). Unfortunately I spend this seldom wisely. In January and also till mid February my portfolio was in trouble and it was hard for me to concentrate on other things. Also, my day job is frustrating me and in the evening I do not feel like working. But I have to! This is my fast lane to escape.

    In maybe 5 till 10 years our net worth is big enough so that I can quit my job. Or I should better say: big enough so that my wife let me quit my job. But if this side business takes off, I may concentrate on it full time (and thus quit my job earlier).

    I would like to semi-retire in 2018 – around 2.5 years from now. I really like GenYFinanceGuy’s goal tracking with all these boxes that he ticks off. For me one box could mean “worked at least 1 hour on my side project per day”. Five of these each week would mean a tremendous progress. Or I could go back to tracking hours, with each box representing an hour.

  • eurfi 23:16 on 2015-06-21 Permalink | Reply  

    9 to 5 status report after four weeks 

    I reported my hours two weeks ago. In the future I might report in bigger intervals as I think it’s not that interesting.

    • CW 22 – 11.5 hours
    • CW 23 – 9.5 hours
    • CW 24 – 13.5 hours
    • CW 25 – 4.5 hours
    • average 9.75 hours

    So, I did not reach my goal of 10 hours last week and also not on average. But I released a preview version of my planned software. So far there is only little feedback, but I have at least one avid user. My next steps are fixing bugs and improving some things, but also going back to the planning stage and thinking about the proper version.

    So while calendar week 24 (with 13.5 hours) was a sprint to the finish line (release preview version), the last week was a little slack off. Maybe I was waiting for more feedback, which didn’t come.

  • eurfi 23:42 on 2015-06-07 Permalink | Reply  

    9 to 5 status report after two weeks 

    Two weeks ago I wrote about my plans about building a business. Here is my “hours report”:

    • CW 22 – 11.5 hours
    • CW 23 – 9.5 hours
    • average 10.5 hours

    This week I did not reach my minimal target of 10 hours, but on average I’m above it.

    I did not get as far as I had hoped (and set as goal with my “success buddy”), but I still made progress. My goal was to get a preview version out in the hands of some interested users. But I guess it will take another two weeks.

  • eurfi 23:05 on 2015-05-26 Permalink | Reply  

    First steps of my 9 to 5 escape plan 

    A few weeks ago I posted about my wish to escape 9 to 5. The cruical part was to generate a net income of 1.5k Euros per month. I’m on track to make this amount on the stock market this year. But I didn’t all the years before, so it would be very risky to rely on this.

    Instead I want to build a lifestyle business. It will be a software project. I already started writing it, but it will be a long way to go. At the moment the biggest challenge is finding the time (or energy) to work on it. I can only start when the kids are in bed, which is usually around 8 pm. So in the best case I have about 3 hours every day. In reality it feels more like 10 hours a week. I will track the time spent and report from time to time.

    • Financial Independence 1:19 on 2015-05-27 Permalink | Reply

      Everybody wishes it but than you would have more time and need more money to keep yourself busy.

      Because of the inflation and investments risks it is highly unlikely that I would ever risk to stop working in this life time. I hope that when I reach my financial independence I would get more relaxed about the job, mentally wise.


    • ambertree 6:48 on 2015-05-27 Permalink | Reply

      Good luck with the project. I hope you make it a reality.
      Finding energy in the evening is not always easy, eecially with kids. I gave the feeling that it gets more easy, as they grow older ( they entertain themselves from time to time already)


  • eurfi 9:26 on 2015-04-23 Permalink | Reply  

    My 9 to 5 escape plan / wish 

    For me, learning about Early Retirement / Financial Independence was like the red pill in Matrix. Once you know about this possibility (and become “infected” by the idea), there is no way back.

    When I look at my long term financial plan there are two milestones: Reaching 600k at the end of 2020 and reaching one million at the end of 2023. If I keep my side job then 600k should be enough to safely quit my day job. At one million everything is covered. But 2023 is almost 9 years away, even 2020 is far away. For my taste too far. I struggle to think about working 5 or 6 more years. It’s all so insignificant…

    You work your but off on a stressful day and at the end of the day you ask yourself, “what have I achieved”? “What stays?” The answer is – nothing. In the grand scheme of things all is insignificant. After all those years there is only little to show for.

    I have lots of ideas of things I would rather do, but the time between working, family and house is just spread too thin. At the moment it is all too much for me. So there is a strong wish to quit 9 to 5. I can’t say that I have a plan, but at least a vague idea. If I can generate 1,500 Euros a month (or maybe 15k a year) via some other venture I could at least cover our expenses (together with my side job and my wife’s salary). We could not save anything from our salaries, but we also would not have to touch our savings. All growth in networth would then come from my stock market (options) activities.

    Of course, this slows down the path to true Financial Independence, but hey, my life would be almost the same as already retired. I asked my wife if should would also like to retire – no, she would like to continue to work. I assume this will change over time, if I’m truly retired and would enjoy the sweet things of life.

    So, my next goal wouldn’t be retirement, it would be a lifestyle business. 15k a year – sounds like two months working as IT freelancer (maybe in the winter). Or having a side project netting 1.5k a month. Or both. 🙂

    • No More Waffles 11:51 on 2015-05-01 Permalink | Reply


      I’ve been thinking about this approach as well, like I recently mentioned in reply to one of your comments on my own blog. I’m still not sure what to think of it.

      On the one hand it doesn’t make sense to work full-time now just to be able to quit working in the future, while on the other having to work until 65 doesn’t sound appealing at all, even though it’s just three months out of the year or something like that.

      Food for thought…



    • eurfi 13:23 on 2015-05-01 Permalink | Reply

      I think the crucial thing is to keep increasing the networth. As long as you can do that, you are on track (but at a slower pace of course).
      And I do not intend to not earn any money – it is just not as steady as a salary income. I think about entrepreneurship – maybe the business works, maybe not.


      • ambertreeleaves 20:46 on 2015-05-12 Permalink | Reply

        Interesting thoughts… They cross my mind as well. A first step of FI would be to convert my day job in a freelance day job, using the skills I already have. Once that is achieved, I could switch to an 80pct or half time doing that and using the other half to explore new jobs, to travel,…

        I see some conditions to reach the freelance half time: Be debt free, have the kids out of the house or their full education cost covered, have enough net worth to cover at least half of our expenses using a SWR of 4pct


        • eurfi 21:15 on 2015-05-12 Permalink

          I was thinking about freelance as well. But I decided to do the full step and rather try to build my own business (together with investment income). I would do it as a fallback if nothing else works out.


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