December 2016 – Net Worth and Expenses

Back in November I started a bearish leaning trade that did not work out at all. It had the potential to destroy my goal of reaching 360k net worth by the end of the year. But it turned out well – I made it!

  • brokerage accounts 295.5k (+2.5k)
  • ETFs 12.0k (+1.5k)
  • cash 23.1k (-26.8k)
  • alternative investments 35.3k (+0.1k)
  • taxes -0.2k
  • total 365.7k (+7.6k) [+2.1%]

I had to pay my taxes for last year. ETFs gained nicely.

Monthly Expenses

  • January 2.8k
  • February 2.6k
  • March 3.4k
  • April 3.7k
  • May 3.3k
  • June 3.2k
  • July 2.9k
  • August 2.6k
  • September 2.9k
  • October 2.7k
  • November 2.5k
  • December 2.4k

December was a cheap month, despite the usual Christmas gifts. Our yearly expenses were 34.7k – well below the target of 36k. I have some error in my accounting, running expenses are always higher than the final number.

I will talk about the full year numbers in a detailed post. Yearly goals will follow too.

I wish all my readers a happy New Year and a successful 2017.