May 2017 – Net Worth and Expenses

The weak dollar (and bad investment performance) led to my first negative month this year. I was hoping to have 12 positive months this year. A few months before were barely positive (but only positive thanks to my high savings rate).

  • brokerage accounts 292.9k (-5.4k)
  • ETFs 16.1k (+1.0k)
  • cash 9.4k (+2.6k)
  • alternative investments 65.8k (+0.1k)
  • taxes 1.3k
  • total 385.5k (-0.2k) [-0.05%]

I lost over 5k this month, despite having a good month on my put selling.

Monthly Expenses

  • January 5.2k
  • February 2.5k
  • March 2.5k
  • April 3.3k
  • May 3.1k

It looks quite challenging to reach my projected yearly expenses of 33k. At the moment we are on track for 36k.