Our 40k Car Purchase – almost

I have this dream/goal of semi-retiring in 2018 and spending more time with my kids and outdoors. A camper van would be a great vehicle to achieve this. Two weeks ago I saw a suitable car on the internet by a dealer near us. It costed around 40k – a lot of money for a car, but the list price was over 50k. Last week my wife and I visited the car dealer to see that car.

Sure, this would have been a dream come true. The price was good. But shall we really increase our monthly expenses? Also, buying a camper van would have meant lots of additional purchases (I expected another 4 to 5k). In the end the dealer offered a bad price for our current car and this made declining easier. But it was really tempting!

My reasons for not doing it:

  • Spending 45k (or more like 35k after selling our current car) is less money invested.
  • Increasing our monthly expenses is also delaying FIRE.
  • We might not have enough time to properly use the car (weekend trips, holidays).
  • When things (financially) go well, we can more easily afford a similar car in 2018 (even for full price).

On the other hand, the camper van might have lead to a lifestyle similar to what I aspire for 2018: spending more time with the kids in nature. So like my planned semi-retirement, it could have been a semi-dream-come-true…

What do you think? Is it worth delaying your FIRE date for (partially) living your dream now? (I would answer “yes” to that last question. Still I think not buying was the right decision.)